Queensland is one of the places in Australia that almost everybody craves to visit. Whenever adventurers plan for a picnic in Australia, Queensland is one of the topmost options for all those wishing to spend time in a tropical paradise. The place crops up every quest due to its extraordinary glamorous sights. It is home to various natural wonders like the Dain tree rainforest and the barrier reef. In other words, this tropical paradise offers every landscape for multiple desires. Queensland is worth preparing an itinerary beginning from the south-east in the laid-back gold coast and up for a few adventures on the sunshine coast. Regardless of your itinerary, the state has many of ever best beaches in Australia that you don’t have to miss.

  1. Palm beach

Palm Beach is one of Australia’s cleanest beaches, and it lives up to its title because of the palms in this area. As its name suggests, palm cove has lots of towering centuries and palm trees bringing the Meditteranean vibes to the tropical north of Queensland. Toss down a towel, bob into the beach’s calm water, and retreat to one of the restaurants and cafes along the apres-beach bunch’s esplanade.

2. Hillsborough

Australia does not receive much sunrise like the one that cape Hillsborough national park receives. If you want to enjoy a relaxed beach breeze alongside some sunshine, then cape hills borough is ideal for you. Moreover, the beach has lots of wallabies and roos that come out every morning to fossick seeds washed in the previous night. In addition to that, the beach is near the hibiscus coast, home to cape Hillsborough national park. While you can enjoy the beach breeze, you can decide to visit this national park. However, as you visit this place, always be careful not to frighten the wild creatures there as they can retreat when disturbed, and most importantly, don’t risk your life with selfies in this place. 

3. White haven beach

The top Queensland beaches list would not be complete without mentioning Whitehaven beach located in Whitsunday Islands. Famed universally for its clear water and secluded white sand beach, Whitehaven beach is just a white haven making up for its title. This tropical paradise is such an ideal pageant contender for aesthetics, and the only means to get to it is by using a boat since it is an island. Once you step into its crystal sea-green water, off the bridge, that is when reality hits you- real heaven on earth, a valid reason to validate your visit to Australia. By just a single breath, you will be amid the coral or gardens and tropical fish schools in the great barrier reef’s natural aquarium. 

4. Nudey beach

Contrary to its name, Nudey beach is not an obscene commune. For beachgoers, remember that clothes are a must because Queensland has no legitimate nudist beaches. The beach is beautiful full of canopying rainforest trees, coastal woodlands, and granite rock formations. Reefs full of marine creatures darting in and out of the multicolored coral fringe the beach. Initially, Nudey beach was a quarantine station for gold prospectors from china but later developed into a haven for boating enthusiasts and adventure travelers. No matter what your desires, likes, and preferences are, Nudey beach never disappoints as long as to are craving for the natural beauty that Queensland offers.

5. Basil bay

Located in Keswick island, Basil bay is a sequestered paradise for any adventurer’s castaway dreams. Although there are no classic hotels, boutique storefronts, or five-star resorts, this should not make you overlook this pearl. It is a haven where reality surpasses expectations, and the beach is a two-way mirror into the marine park from below. However, basil bay’s waters are protected and therefore not known by most beachgoers but a frequented swimming spot for the local adventurers.


Queensland is a tropical paradise covering six thousand nine hundred and seventy-three kilometers along the coastline. Therefore, no doubt that the state has plenty of beaches that you can explore to your fill. Although these beaches occupy different geographical locations with Queensland, they share features like salt, sand, and sun. This state’s beaches offer various ranging from the Gold Coast dining scene to sunshine to island hopping. As you plan for your next adventure to the queen’s land, consider the above beaches for a delightful experience.

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